Office Hours




Monday-Wednesday 8am-6pm 
  8am-9am walk-ins (acutely ill patients only)
Thursday-Friday 8am-5pm
  8am-9am walk-ins (acutely ill patients only)
Saturday  8am-9am walk-ins (acutely ill patients only)
Sunday No routine hours; appointments may be scheduled directly with the doctor on-call on an individual basis if necessary.

In the event of a snowstorm with significant accumulations of snow or ice, we may need to close. We will follow the emergency levels for Franklin County. For a Level 1 Emergency our office will be open. For a Level 2 or 3 Emergency our office will be closed. As always, there will be a physician on call to speak to you if you have an urgent matter that cannot wait until regular office hours resume. Check our Facebook page for up to date information.

2019 Holiday Hours

Good Friday (April 19th) - Limited Morning Hours
Memorial Day (May 27th) - CLOSED
July 4th (Thursday) - CLOSED
Labor Day (September 2nd) - CLOSED
November 27th (Wednesday) - Limited Morning Hours
Thanksgiving day (November 28th) - CLOSED
November 29th (Friday) Limited Morning Hours
Christmas Eve (December 24th) Walk Ins Only 8am-9am
Christmas Day (December 25th) - CLOSED
New Year's Eve (December 31st) - Limited Morning Hours
New Year's Day 2020 (January 1st) - CLOSED

Walk-in hours are available all year for ACUTE illnesses only (illnesses arising suddenly) for established patients only. We will not see patients for chronic illness/problems during this time. Patients are seen on a first come, first serve basis.

New patients (patients who haven't yet been seen in our office) require a scheduled appointment with a physician for their first appointment.


We strive to provide our parents with efficient service when calling our office. For this reason, when you call, there will be several options from which to choose to route your call appropriately. Calls are received from 8:00am until 4:30pm Monday-Friday. If you have a very urgent matter and need to speak to a doctor or nurse immediately, there is an emergency option. For routine matters, please consult the green book or our website links prior to calling the office as these references provide useful information.

In order for the physician to have adequate time to address your concerns, it is crucial to inform the receptionist or nurse of the exact nature of your visit. We gladly provide more time if we know ahead of time so that your doctor does not run behind and you do not feel rushed.

Well Visits/Physicals

Well visits can be made with any physician in the practice. The physicians share all of the patients. Therefore, you can choose which doctor your child sees for each well visit. In general, the further in advance you call, the more likely you are to get an appointment with the doctor and time of your choice. We have some evening appointments available for well exams during the weekdays.

Ill Appointments

If your child is ill and you are certain an appointment is needed, let the receptionist know and an appointment will be made. Often, an appointment is not necessary and it would behoove you to speak to the triage nurse before making an appointment. Please call as early as you can in the day so that we can see all ill children in a timely fashion. We want you to be reassured that all of our doctors practice similarly so that if your child's doctor is unavailable that day, you can feel comfortable in seeing one of the other doctors.

Medical Advice

If you are unsure if an appointment is warranted or would just like to talk to the nurse about a medical issue, you have the option of leaving a message for the nurse. You will received a callback form a qualified registered nurse (RN) in a timely fashion, generally within a few hours, and definitely before the end of the day. Complicated medical, developmental or behavioral issues are best handled by the doctor and an appointment will be recommended.

Prescription Refills

Refills of prescription medications should typically not be needed as the doctor should give you enough refills to last until your follow up appointment. Please discuss the appropriate interval of appointments with your doctor at your visit as this varies for different patients and different medications. When you have no refills left, you should make another appointment. This appointment is called a "medical evaluation" or a "med eval" and can be made by the receptionist. If your child may need a change in a routine medication, you will need to speak to the nurse for advice.

If you need a prescription refill, you will need to be routed to our "prescription mailbox". Follow the prompts and leave the appropriate information. Please allow 48 hours.


A referral is a form filled out by our office staff, at your request because your insurance company requires it. It is then sent to your insurance company or specialist prior to the date of your appointment. This is a lengthy form so one is not done if it is not needed. The only way to find out if one is needed is to call your insurance company and inquire. If a referral has been pre-authorized by your doctor, please leave a message for the nurse. Please allow at least 72 hours.

School/Sports/Immunization Forms

If any form is needed to verify shots or an examination, fill out your portion and bring in/fax/send the form for us to fill out the rest. If these forms are brought at the time of your child's physical, we will do our best for complete our part right then. For middle/high school forms, the teen must fill out their portion of the form prior to the examination. Most schools or daycares accept these forms as "current" for one year. Please allow 72 hours.

Billing/Insurance/Managerial Questions

These are routed to our billing department and general practice comments/concerns are routed directly to our office manager.

Questions for the Doctor

If you have a specific question or concern you feel is only appropriate for the doctor, leave your information with the receptionist or nurse and the doctor will contact you.


The philosophy of the pediatricians at Emerald Pediatrics is to always be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for urgent medical problems. We define an "urgent medical problem" as a medical problem that requires immediate advice or intervention. We expect you to contact us if you cannot find the answer to your question on our website or in the green book. It is NEVER an imposition to answer calls of this nature.

Conversely, it is not appropriate to call after hours for routine, non-urgent medical questions, to make an appointment or for over-the-counter medication dosing. Our doctors and staff have worked hard to provide accurate, accessible information in the Emerald green book, on this website and office handouts as well as provide phone service availability to parents during daytime. We expect that parents utilize the resources provided to answer routine concerns/questions or call the office during regular hours.

If your child has an urgent medical problem after hours, follow the prompts and leave a message for the doctor on call. If you do not receive a call back within 2 hours, please call again and remember to leave an UNBLOCKED phone number where you can be reached, your child's name, age and a short description of your child's symptoms. This option is NOT available from 9pm to 8am, as the doctor on call is only available for emergencies during those hours (see "doctor's line"option below). The doctor will call you back with a blocked number, so please answer the phone even if the number is blocked.

If your child's medical condition is so serious that you need to speak with a physician immediately, you may leave a message on the "doctor's line". This is a line that is typically reserved for hospitals or other doctors calling about our patients, but will be available to parents for serious medical circumstances such as a child with breathing problems, seizures, severe accidents or other conditions of that magnitude. Follow the appropriate prompts and the doctor will call you back immediately.

If for some reason you do not receive a call back after two calls, assume that we are experiencing technical difficulties, call 911 or take your child to Nationwide Children's Hospital Emergency Room (Downtown).


Unscheduled appointments

We do not see children without an appointment unless it is an emergency. The doctors request that parents please refrain from asking the doctor questions about another child or asking the doctor to check another child that was not previously scheduled unless it is an emergency. This policy exists so the doctors do not get behind. If a 5-minute question was asked only three times, 15 minutes are added to other families' wait time. Our staff is committed to respecting your busy schedule and running on time. It is appreciated if you please respect the time of our staff and our other families. Often we can work in an unscheduled child at a later time or with another doctor if needed. Ask the receptionist upon arrival to discuss your options.

Missed Appointments

Patients are charged $25.00 if an appointment is missed. We consider an appointment missed if you have not called the office to cancel the appointment by the appointment time. We waive the first occurrence.

Arriving Late for an Appointment.

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, your appointment is missed. We will make every effort to reschedule you that day. If that is not possible, you will be asked to reschedule on another day.


Extra fees are charged on weekends, holidays and after published weekday hours.

Emergency Room/Urgent Care Use

Unless you have an extreme emergency, call the office or the on call doctor before you take your child to Nationwide Children's Hospital ER or Urgent Care. We would like to save you the long wait and exposure to illness, if possible. Often we can advise you adequately over the phone until we can see your child in the office. In addition, your insurance company may not pay for the visit if you have not contacted us first. If an ER or Urgent Care visit is needed, we ONLY recommend Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Adult Children Age 18 & Older

At the age of 18 patients become their own responsibility. They will be required to complete their own financial paperwork and health history forms. We can only release information to parents with with written permission of the patient.

Resident and Medical Student Education

The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health and Nationwide Children's Hospital Residency Program are located in Columbus and are among the nation's top medical education programs. We feel extremely fortunate to have these facilities so close. The doctors at Emerald Pediatrics are committed to the betterment of these programs. One way we contribute is through volunteering to educate medical students and pediatric residents about outpatient pediatric care. Please welcome our young doctors and doctors-to-be. We advise them that listening to parents/patients is one of the most important parts of practicing medicine.